Corset Story - Is wearing a Corset bad for you?

Our guide to ensuring the answer to this question is "no".

If you’ve ever wondered ‘is wearing a corset bad for you?’  then this guide is for you. Find out all about corsets, and how to ensure you don’t experience any pain or discomfort when wearing yours...


For years corsets have been somewhat of a taboo subject, with many asking ‘is wearing a corset bad for you?’.

While there have been some dangers linked to corsets and waist trainers, as a whole, corsets don’t cause any harm when worn properly. In the same way as an ill fitting pair of shoes will cause pain, an ill fitting, unseasoned corset will also do the same.


Read on to find out more about wearing corsets and your health, including historical concerns and modern-day styles.

So, is wearing a corset bad for you?

This is a fairly simple question to answer - if you wear a high quality corset that has been designed and made properly, and if you wear it as it was intended to be worn, then your corset should not be bad for you and should not cause you any harm. 


From the 1800s onwards, boned corsets and bodices formed an essential part of a ladies wardrobe. Worn daily, corsets were laced very tightly to achieve a certain shape, which changed throughout the decades, but was mostly focused on the hourglass shape.


With these historic corsets come the stories of how they impacted the wearer. Women were known to faint due to their corsets being laced too tight, due to the compression on their lungs, causing them to have difficulty breathing.

IIn 1905 a French Doctor - Dr Ludovic O'Followell published a book on the effects of corsets on female health. Dr O’Followell did not want the corset to be abolished, but he was keen to show the damaging effects of corsets which were severe in their design. He simply wanted to encourage corsetieres to design less severe styles and designs. Dr O’Followell in fact continued to write a regular column for the deluxe corsetier's magazine Les Dessous Elégance.


Of course medicine and methods have come a long way over the last 100+ years, but at the time it was reported corsets changed the shape of the ribs and caused damage. This finding was made using a brand new technology known as the x-ray! Not only that, Dr O'Followell also stated that corsets affected a woman’s behaviour too.


Today we know that if corsets are worn correctly, they do not cause damage to the spine, ribs or otherwise. And of course they do not change a woman’s behaviour, at least not in a negative way.


Corsets are not purely for aesthetics, they can also offer a real confidence boost, causing the wearer to have that ‘invincible’ feeling, which can be a real asset especially when attending high pressure events and occasions.

Modern Corsets

Today’s corsets are designed to be worn safely. with the aim being not to completely change the shape of the body, rather enhance it. When shopping for a corset, look for one of high quality to be sure that it will not cause you any kind of discomfort. Choose a corset with steel bones, and check the waist reduction that it can achieve in advance to avoid disappointment.

The importance of 'seasoning' your corset

It’s also important to season your corset to make sure it fits your shape perfectly.


Seasoning is the art of ‘wearing in’ your corset and will allow you to achieve a great waist reduction without any kind of discomfort, just like you would a new pair of shoes! 

Read our guide on how to season your corset here:  How to season your corset


The importance of finding the correct fit

Finally, to get the best results and ensure your corset doesn’t cause any level of pain or discomfort, it’s essential to get your size right.

Firstly, watch our Corset Story video on how to measure yourself accurately. I know this may sound easy, but many people take their waist measurement from different area's of their middle! 


Now simply click on our handy size guide to determine what size corset is right for you. 

Once you have determined your size, shop our beautiful range of corsets. 

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