Our sizing chart below is to be used with your body measurements. "Instant Shape" corsets are rated to a 2" Waist Reduction and are to be worn with at least a 2" gap at the back. This is already factored in to our size chart. Simply select the Corset Size that corresponds with Your Natural Waist Measurement.  

Corsets are fully adjustable at the back. You can "Open" or "Close" the lacing at the Bust, Waist & Hip independently for the perfect fit. Our patterns have been developed and tested to fit a variety of body shapes using these adjustments.

The majority of the tension running through a corset is focused on the waist. This makes the waist the critical measurement when sizing your corset. The hip and bust can be "Opened" or "Closed" to fit provided the waist is accurate. 

Corset Story Instant Shape Size Chart in inches (scroll down for cm chart)

Corset Size To fit Bust  Your Natural Waist Measurement To fit Hip
UK06 29-33" 24-25" 31-35"
UK08 31-35" 26-27" 33-37"
UK10 32-36" 27-28" 35-39"
UK12 34-38" 29-30" 37-41"
UK14 36-40" 31-32" 38-42"
UK16 38-42" 33-34" 40-44"
UK18 40-44" 35-36" 42-46"
UK20 42-46" 37-38" 44-48"
UK22 44-48" 39-40" 46-50"
UK24 46-50" 41-42" 48-52"
Corset Story Instant Shape Size Chart in cm
Corset Size To fit Bust  Your Natural Waist Measurement To fit Hip
UK06 74-84cm 61-64cm 79-89cm
UK08 79-89cm 65-68cm 84-94cm
UK10 82-92cm 69-72cm 89-99cm
UK12 87-97cm 73-77cm 94-104cm
UK14 92-102cm 78-82cm 97-107cm
UK16 97-107cm 83-87cm 102-112cm
UK18 102-112cm 88-92cm 107-117cm
UK20 107-117cm 93-98cm 112-122cm
UK22 112-122cm 99-103cm 117-127cm
UK24 117-127cm 104-108cm 122-132cm