Three Signs That it’s Time to Size Down your Corset

Three Signs That it’s Time to Size Down your Corset

Discover when you might need to size down your corset, with these three signs that it’s time to consider a smaller size to continue to create an impressive waist reduction...

There are various reasons why you might need to size down your corset at some point. From waist reduction due to waist training, to weight loss or a lack of compression from your current corset, here are three signs that it might be time to choose a size down…

You have full closure or overlap when you tighten your laces

When you seasoned your corset, you probably noticed that you were able to close the gap at the back a little more each time. When you are wearing the right size corset, there should always be a gap at the back where you lace your corset, if this gap disappears or you end up with an overlap, it’s time to go for the next size down.

Over time, you may find that the gap at the back narrows and eventually becomes fully closed when you tighten your laces. When this happens you’re no longer able to tighten your corset any further, as the edges of your corset should never overlap. Not only would this cause the corset not to sit correctly, but it can also cause discomfort and even damage to the corset.

If you notice the gap becoming smaller, it might be time to consider replacing this corset with a smaller one. Do this before the gap completely disappears, as this will allow you time to season your new corset before you need to use it to replace your previous size.

You notice the compression isn’t as good as it once was

Most of us wear a corset to benefit from the amazing waist reduction and shaping to achieve a smooth silhouette and hourglass figure. A well seasoned corset will start to feel like a second skin, and can be worn for a number of years like this, but it’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone and no longer gain the waist reduction that you might be able to achieve with a smaller size.

Of course this is completely fine if you prefer to wear your current size and just achieve a small waist reduction, but for many, sizing down can be beneficial. If you notice less compression after wearing your corset for a number of years, this is a tell tale sign that it’s time to size down.

You’ve lost weight and your corset is no longer as effective

Of course a pretty obvious reason to size down is weight loss, but you’d be surprised how many people choose to lace their corset more tightly to continue to achieve a good waist reduction. Corset sizing is essential to ensure you get the right fit, otherwise your corset may be put under too much strain, your corset may not fit correctly causing lumps and bumps, or you may find your corset very uncomfortable.

If you have lost weight, resizing for your ideal fit is essential. It’s easy to tell if you have lost enough weight to justify going for the next size down as you might find you can no longer lace your corset tight enough to achieve your waist reduction, this would cause the gap to disappear at the back which is a tell tale sign that your corset is too big. Double check your measurements and determine what size you are now you are a little smaller to find your perfect fit.

If you need help finding your ideal corset size, our size guide takes you through how to take your measurements and find your size: size-guide

While authentic quality corsets are designed to last, over the years there are various reasons why they might need replacing, with the need to size down being one of the most common. For further help with corset sizing, get in touch: