Corset Waist Training - Do corsets help reduce your tummy?

Corset Waist Training: What it is and what it does for you...

If you’re new to corsets, it’s worth taking the time to understand exactly how they work, to get to grips with the full range of benefits that they can offer. Corsets are best known for reducing the waist.  

The waist is already the smallest part of your body and a corset cinches your waist in further to create a beautiful hourglass shape.

The benefits of wearing a corset in terms of shaping doesn’t end with your waist. Overbust corsets in particular offer smoothing and shaping across the entire torso. This is done by pulling in the waist, smoothing and slimming over the stomach and lifting the bust to create an all round more feminine and flattering shape.


How do corsets achieve the 'Cinch'?

Corsets achieve this in two ways - the first is with the steel boning, and the second is with the lacing. The steel boning that runs vertically through the corset provides strength to the garment, while the lacing pulls the fabric and boning in to create tension, specifically around the waist. If you’ve ever worn shapewear before such as high waisted underwear, the concept is similar in that it hugs you in, but in a much more effective way, focusing on the waist but offering slimming to the tummy and hips too.

Spiral and Lacing

Wearing a Corset to Slim your Tummy

Depending on your own unique needs, a number of corset styles could work to provide a slimming effect on your stomach. 

Those that would like to focus on reducing the size of their tummy would generally wear a corset under their clothing, making an underbust a great option. 

Underbust corsets focus the tension around your middle, pulling in your waist and smoothing your stomach for a flatter appearance.

An underbust corset needs to be worn with your own bra, so the end result is really down to what kind of bra you wear. If you choose a padded or push up bra this would have a similar effect to that of an overbust corset, whereas if you prefer not to boost your bust, a simple bra would work just fine. 

Overbusts are the most versatile corsets, and will decrease the waist size, flatten the stomach as well as lift your bust. If you plan on wearing a corset as outerwear, a corset top would be a great option. This collection of corsets provide the same great waist reduction, but are designed to be worn as tops, with some including off the shoulder sleeves and straps. An overbust corset will offer the same stomach slimming benefits, and can be worn on its own, under clothing or over should you prefer. 

There are also many different styles available for waist taming and waist training corsets. All Corset Story corsets contain spiral and flat steel boning to provide strength, support and flexibility. 

Corset waist training is just one use for a corset. Corsets can also be used for multiple medical reasons. They are recognized by medical sciences for effectively correcting bad posture, scoliosis, and other conditions of the skeletal body. 

How long do people wear corsets for each day?

Corsets can be worn anywhere from a few hours on a night out to a 6-9 hour duration if wearing for work or a day out. 

An important note is that different time durations of wearing a corset can affect people differently. 


For instance, if you are wearing a corset to dinner, assuming it is the right size and not extremely tight, you have nothing to worry about! You instantly get an hourglass shape and subsequent confidence. But if you are wearing a tight corset to bed and everywhere else, you need an expert’s opinion on this. 

We highly recommend seasoning your corset before wearing for longer periods of time. This way, you can get your body used to wearing the corset and your new corset will need 'breaking in' slowly. This is called 'Seasoning'. You can read our full blog on 'How to Season your corset' here. 


Waist Training - Is it safe? Should I do it ?

Corset waist training comes with a lot of benefits when used appropriately. Doctors recommend corsets to their patients for a number of reasons, all with scientific proof attached to them. The most common reason medical corsets are recommended is to reduce scoliosis in patients. Here is a list of health benefits attached to corsets!

  • Improves your body posture
  • Helps to reduce migraines and headaches
  • Relieves backache
  • Supports breasts
  • Helps your weight loss
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Overcomes eating disorder

Corsets can be a great tool when used appropriately. This means that when you’re buying yourself a corset for waist training, you must buy the right size and length. These 2 measurements contribute greatly to a comfortable waist training experience.  

White Longline
Black Longline

A Longline is the longest length as it covers the bust and extends a little over the hips. It helps define and accentuate the curves of the body with flared out bust and hips paired with shorter waist. 

We generally find that customers who are 5ft 7" (170cm) and over prefer our Longline patterns. This isn't always the case, some taller customers may have their height in their legs and vice versa.

We have added the length of every corset we produce into our "item specifics" on each product page. You can hold a measuring tape against your torso to see how long different corsets might be on your body before purchasing.

Corsets are a great asset to your wardrobe and can be worn daily or just for events and parties. With the ability to reduce the waist as well as slim the stomach, your corset will come to be a garment you rely on once you discover the amazing benefits it can offer.

If you need any help choosing the right style for your needs, at Corset Story we are always happy to help. Our time are experienced in finding the perfect designs for each individual's unique needs, and know corsets like the back of their hand - don’t hesitate to get in touch: To find your perfect size, our size guide provides you with all the information you need.