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Transgender Corsetry - the Corset Story guide for Transgender Women, Crossdressers, Non-Binary and anyone who identifies as woman

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Corset Story!

We are proud allies of the LGBTQ+ community and over the years we have helped and supported members with their Corsetry needs. Offering a safe, friendly and loving space to ensure that shopping for such an intimate garment is an enjoyable experience. If you are looking for inspiration on Transgender Corsetry - the Corset Story guide for Transgender Women, Crossdressers, Non-Binary and anyone who identifies as woman will surely help.

We work with lots of customers who are looking for a more feminine waist and hip shape/silhouette. Corsets can be used for everyday wear, special occasions and even show stopping outfits! 


We understand that shopping online can feel a little daunting, especially with such an intimate garment and we work closely with Transgender Women, Crossdressers, Non-Binary and anyone who identifies as woman to ensure the perfect fit!

The first place to start is measuring your Natural Waist.


The majority of the tension in a Corset will be running through the waist, this makes the waist the most important measurement when sizing a Corset. Traditional Corsets are fully adjustable across the bust, waist & hips. Once you have the correct size Corset for your waist it is easy to tighten or loosen the bust & hip regions for a stunning silhouette.


In order to determine the best size, you will need to measure your natural waist.

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@kylesdunn & @dragonflyneptunite​​

Finding Your Natural Waist

You can find your waistline by tipping your torso to one side. Where you find the natural bend of your torso, this is the area of your Natural Waist - this is usually just above the belly button.
Simply measure the circumference of this area and this size will give us a great starting point to find the perfect fit.

Corser Story Underbust
Lucy Luxe

There are several other measurements that you might need to keep in mind like bust and hips and one that you might not have thought of and that is your height! 


Many of our customers that are Transgender Women, Crossdressers and Non-Binary are 5ft 7” or taller. This means a standard length Corset would sit too high on the torso. You will be pleased to know we have an amazing range of Corsets designed for a longer torso. These designs are classified with the name Longline and are perfectly tailored to create the classic hourglass figure.

Underbust Corsets and Waspies

If you’re not familiar with them already, Underbusts and Waspies vary from an Overbust Corset as they sit just under the bust and are usually paired over tops or dresses, or as a waist-cinching addition to any lingerie look. 

Cream Longline Underbust
Grey Waspie Belt

This doesn’t make them any less important than their Overbust counterparts. In fact, Underbusts and Waspies can be an incredibly versatile and glamorous addition to almost any outfit, and are a super un-intimidating way to delve into the world of corsetry.

Underbust designs are perfect for creating a more feminine waist and are incredibly versatile.

Part of our classic Corset shapewear and designed to conceal under your everyday or special occasion outfits! Underbust designs are comfortable, breathable and suitable for wearing all day. 

Of course we also have a range of Underbust designs that can be used over the top of your outfit creating a show-stopping centrepiece! 


When you need and want to be the centre of attention our Underbusts can transform any outfit from functional to fantastic!


Overbust Corsets

If you are looking for an Overbust Corset, you may require some padding around the bust and this can easily be achieved with bra fillers. 

We have a gorgeous range of designs that are perfect for everyday wear and stunning styles which will make you the belle of the ball! 

This Green Steampunk Overbust Corset with chain detailing, creates an edgy look and turns a simple walk in the park into a fashion show - simply just fabulous!

@dragonflyneptunite in ND-163
@kylesdunn & @dragonflyneptunite​​

Corset Dresses

For a truly feminine look you cannot beat a dress! Whether it is a floaty and flirty or sexy and slinky, a dress instantly gives you an amazing feeling! Our Corset dresses use an Underbust at the very core of the garment, making this integral to the design and helping you to achieve a stunning hourglass silhouette. 

If you are looking for a little black dress, our Black Corseted Dress with Lace is a full length evening dress which offers a touch of sophistication and plenty of style! 

This dress has elegant short sleeves and a high collar keyhole neckline, this Corset dress offers both modesty and support whilst providing a cinched in waist.

The integral Corset features hip gores that flatter the tummy and are fringed with black lace that matches the shoulder trim. In this dress, you are ready to party and steal the limelight!

Black Corseted Dress with Lace Detail
Black Corseted Dress with Lace Detail​​

For a great daytime outfit, this uniquely flattering Corset dress comes in a sunny combination of white lace and bright tropical print. With a delightful multi layered hem, the diaphanous skirt contrasts with the close-fitting Corset bodice. 

There is no need for a bra as this Corset dress has a padded bra cup. The bodice is integrated with a combination of patterned fabric and white mesh and lace panels, leading up to a pretty cap sleeve. Cinching in your waist and creating that classic hourglass silhouette, this Corset dress is perfect for both occasion wear and romantic walks! 

The design makes this ideal for when you want to turn heads and the lacing at the back ensures the perfect fit!

Mesh Panel Sleeved Corset Dress
Mesh Panel Sleeved Corset Dress​​

Hear what Sophie has to say!

There is nothing quite like a personal recommendation and the amazing Sophie Summers has reviewed a range of our Corsets design and styles on her Crossdressing Lifestyle Channel.

Sophie’s first video shows an unboxing of her order and styling advice.

Whilst Sophie’s second video shows a more in depth look at several different designs and has more styling advice. 

@Sophie Summers
@Sophie Summers​​

Here at Corset Story, we have a wealth of knowledge in all things Corsetry and over the years we have been able to help and assist Transgender Women, Crossdressers and Non-Binary individuals navigate the first steps into finding the perfect corset. 

It is always a  pleasure to help and we love knowing that as soon as they try on their first corset, their confidence will grow with the feeling of empowerment that wearing a Corset brings! 

Feature Corsets and more Transgender Corsetry Inspiration

If you would like more advice and help finding the perfect Corset, then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service advisors. We have a range of styles and designs to meet everyone's needs.

Blog Author - Kerry-Sue Peplow