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Corsets for Beginners - Getting to know the different types of Corset.

With these dual-purpose pieces taking the forefront of the fashion stage, now is the ideal time for a deep dive into Corsets 101. No matter if you are looking for a way to incorporate an infinitely layerable piece into your new Regency style wardrobe or flirting with the idea of turning your intimates into streetstyle-approved staples, corsets for beginners is the entry point of your sartorial experimentation.

So let's learn corsets, shall we?

Corsets 101: The Different Types Of Corsets For Beginners

Corsets 101: The Brief History Of Corsets

Long before corsets made their appearance at Met Gala’s Gilded Age moment, these figure-defining, bust-lifting, dress-supporting intimates have already proven their time-tested allure since the Middle Age. In fact, the first European corsets made their appearance in the 1500s.

Women in the French court were donning them as both under and outer garments to reach the era’s idealized image of a small waist. A variety of materials were used to the desired shape, including whalebone laced through the material to emphasize the chest and improve posture.

Corsets For Beginners: Myths About Pain And Comfort

Despite popular belief, corsets were not the torturous devices portrayed by the media. And although modern-day corsets have undergone a total upgrade in terms of comfort and structure, there are still many myths about corsets - most importantly, are corsets bad for you? Spoiler alert: The answer is no. Because, unlike their predecessors, today’s styles aim to boost, lift, and cinch your silhouette rather than completely change the shape of the body.

Much like every other piece of clothing, when shopping for corsets as a beginner, it’s important to make sure it fits your shape perfectly. This way, you’ll get the coveted waist reduction result, without forgoing comfort; pain should obviously not be a part of the process.

Learn About The Different Types Of Corsets

Granted, corsets are not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Before you start browsing the best corsets for beginners, you should decide what kind of corset you really need.

The two most prominent corset categories are underbust and overbust. There is, however, a 3rd, under-the-radar style called Waspie.

Underbust Corset

Beautiful Noire Waist Training Underbust Corset- Longline 

As the name clearly suggests, underbust corsets start beneath the bust. In fact, they are the most sought-after corsets for beginners as they offer plenty of versatility. No wonder why our social media feeds are flooded with romantic and cottagecore outfit ideas. 

You can easily wear it as both underwear and outerwear to create the coveted hourglass figure no matter your body shape.


White expert waist training underbust bridal corset. 

Satin underbust corsets adorned with spiral steel bones and ribbon lacing are ideal for layering. Whilst waist training underbust corsets with steel bones and Criss Cross Lacing are perfect for all-day-wear under your outfits to achieve waist reduction and an hourglass silhouette.


Overbust Corset

Instant Shape Black Satin Longline Overbust

An Overbust corset covers and supports the bust while also shaping and lifting - so there is no need to actually wear a bra with it. These corsets are a great choice for beginners if haven't worn a corset before or are looking for a lighter-weight option. Corset Story corsets all feature Spiral Steel Bones and Flat Steel Bones for ultimate support. You can rock them as lingerie or as an unapologetically edgy fashion statement.


Waspie Corset

Denim Cotton Expert Waist Training Waspie Corset

Waspies have corset details like Spiral Steel Bones and Flat Steel Bones and lace-ups but only cover the waist area. It hugs and cinches the waist offering a fantastic definition. Much like the underbust corset, it can be worn with a bra to further uplift and enhance the silhouette both under and over your clothing.


The Different Silhouettes Of Corsets For Beginners

Steampunk Black and Burgundy Longline Underbust with Side Tabs 

Under the umbrella of the aforementioned categories, you can find many different types of corset silhouettes that refer to the shape of the corset. When you learn corsets, you’ll quickly realize that most styles either capture the zeitgeist of a specific ara.

For example, Victorian-style corsets come with a classic hourglass shape that was dominating the 1830s. Edwardian-style corsets tip the body forward with their classic S-bend.

For more on different styles of corsets through the ages, read our blog on The History of Corsets - A journey through the ages.


Amidst the many different silhouettes, the sweetheart neckline seems to have a particular staying power making it a usual option for corsets for beginners who want to expand their sultry-dressing horizon. In fact, this silhouette is featured in hundreds of wedding and special occasion dresses as well.

Nonetheless, you don’t really have to stick with traditional corset options if you are the more the romantic, preppy type. There are plenty of wear-me-everywhere corsets for beginners that mimic your wardrobe staples.

Overbust with Hip Panels and Curved ​​Hem

Modern Corset Tops & Dresses

Short-sleeved white cotton corset shirts and black mesh corsets with semi-sheer sleeves, for example, offer the benefits of corsets without giving away your secret. Instead, they look like a fashion-forward statement pieces that can be worn everywhere, at any time.

 Floral vintage-inspired tops give a trend-driven edge to the classic silhouette and they can be worn with jeans, shorts, and pretty much everything in between.

Last, but not least, corset dresses adorned with soft voile frill are the epitome of effortless elegance in modern-day dressing. The corset lacing at the back helps you achieve your ideal silhouette for every evening occasion.

The importance of choosing the correct size

As we previously mentioned, choosing the right fit is crucial! In the corset world, everything is based on inches (24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches), rather than sizes (S,M,L). That’s because you have to know your waist size before you opt for a brand new corset to keep yourself safe and comfortable. So make sure to follow the comprehensive corset sizing guide to walk you through the entire process of measuring yourself. While it might sound a bit confusing for most first-time corset wearers, the whole process is certainly a breeze.

In conclusion

Whether you consider yourself more the edgy type or prefer soft and romantic hues, there is a corset for every aesthetic. The corsets 101 tips above will help you navigate your way through the fantastic world of modern and vintage corsets to find the right one that fits your body, style, and preferences the best. From emphasizing the chest and improving posture to slimming down your waist and creating an hourglass figure, corsets for beginners are able to meet all your demands. 


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