What to Wear with Your Corset For Spring/Summer 2022

Our suggestions to wear with your corset

The latest season of Bridgerton has us all wanting to experiment with a corset and embrace regency style. While it’s not guaranteed to bring you a Duke or Viscount Bridgerton, a corset will turn heads wherever you go. 

What should you style it with? It’s the question that often stops most would-be corset fans in their tracks.

If you’ve stumbled onto this article, the chances are that you need styling inspiration. With regency-inspired fashion being everywhere we look this season; a corset is a way of adding feminine styling to any outfit. We’re sharing the reasons why you should add corsets to your closet and our top corset styling tips. 

Why You Should Wear a Corset

Whether you’re building a capsule closet or want to experiment with the latest trends, corset tops are amongst the most versatile pieces you can invest in. They’re an all-in-one piece that doubles as shapewear and outerwear while giving you the versatility to style it as lingerie or even as part of a costume. Who hasn’t dreamed of being Elizabeth Bennett at least once?

The beauty of corsets is that they not only elevate your look but also enhance your natural figure. Swapping a button-up blouse for a white cotton corset will give you the illusion of an hourglass silhouette.

For years, corsets fell into two categories: costumes and lingerie. Thanks to shows like Bridgerton, and TikTok, corsets have found their way into the mainstream. Corsets are also a key part of fashion niches, like gothic, steampunk, and burlesque. If you count Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly amongst your style muses, you’ve likely toyed with the idea of trying corset fashion.

While most of us think of corset fashion in the context of LARPing, re-enactments, and cosplaying, there are dozens of other ways to style a corset.

What to Wear with your Corset Top

Are you not sure where to start with corset fashion? Before you start putting an outfit together and deciding what to wear with your corset, consider the purpose your corset is serving. Are you using it as shapewear, outerwear, or lingerie? How you’ll style your corset will depend on why you’re wearing it.

Our favourite way to style a corset is to think of it like any other garment. While a corset top is easiest to style, an overbust corset can be just as versatile.  Think of your signature outfits and how you could incorporate the corset style into them. You could swap a graphic t-shirt with a floral vintage-inspired overbust corset instead.

Getting outside your comfort zone and wearing a corset in place of another classic piece can give you the confidence to start experimenting. You don’t have to find your inner Dita Von Teese right away – but we’ll help you get there!

Pink Cotton with Shorts
Corset Story -Pink Cotton Embroidery Anglaise Corset Top​​

Corset Style for Everyday Wear

You might think that corsets are just for costumes or special occasions. We disagree. At Corset Story, we think of them as a workwear staple. There’s no better way to pull a look together and enhance your silhouette than with a corset. The easiest way to add a corset to your workwear is by investing in a short-sleeved white corset top.

Style with a pleated skirt for a feminine look or keep it professional with a slim black pencil skirt. You could also use a corset to put a sophisticated twist on a contemporary pantsuit. If you’re wearing a corset as part of your workwear, you want to choose a more comfortable style with an understated look.

Another way that you could add a corset into your everyday wear is by using it in place of a belt as a piece of outerwear. Add a black corset over a little black dress or create a contrasting monochrome look with a black corset styled over a white button-up dress. 

Want an all-in-one look? Check out our black corset shirt dress. It’s a subtle look that will help you become more comfortable with wearing corsets and incorporating them into your daily style.

If you’re experimenting with corsets for the first time, start with a corset top. One of our favourites is the pink cotton embroidery corset top. It gives you a Bridgerton look with a contemporary feel. You can style it with pink high-waisted trousers for an elegant look or make it more casual with denim jeans. 

We have two corset inspiring blogs on both Netflix Series of Bridgerton covering the amazing colourful characters of the Featheringtons to the graceful and beautiful Sharma sisters. 

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How to Style Corset Tops for Special Occasions

If you want to elevate an outfit for a special occasion, reach into your closet for a corset. A corset top will take you from brunch with your girlfriends to a first date or even a black-tie event. It’s all about how you style your corset.

While corset dresses are a one-way ticket to a spot on the best-dressed list, there are other ways to style corsets for special occasions. An overbust corset is usually the best choice for a formal occasion, giving you a structured silhouette while doubling as shapewear. Start with your corset as a base layer before adding a pleated midi skirt. This styling trick will create a vintage-inspired look to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.

Choosing a solid colour corset means you can get adventurous with your skirt print. Polka dot is classic, but don’t be afraid to experiment with florals and more intricate patterns. Balance your corset out with an understated but classic pair of shoes. A string of pearls will add a regal feel to your outfit that is worthy of Princess Diana.

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