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5 Reasons Why a Corset is a Great Alternative to a Bra

5 Reasons why a Corset is a great alternative to a Bra

Have you ever considered corsets as an alternative to a bra? Offering lots of benefits, as well as being stylish and flattering, corsets could be the answer...Here are our 5 reasons why a corset is a great alternative to a bra

There are a variety of reasons why you might prefer not to have to wear a bra, when given the option. From avoiding regular riding up and digging in, to creating a flattering shape and avoiding straps (or slipping strapless bras), when you wear them day in day out, bras can be pretty uncomfortable and a general nuisance.

What if wearing a corset could be a great alternative to wearing a bra? Pulling you in at the waist and offering all the support you need, a corset could be a stylish way to shape your waist and bust, without the need for a bra. If this doesn’t already sound like a good enough reason to swap your bra for a corset, here are five reasons why a corset is a great alternative to a bra…

1. No Need for Straps

If you ask a room of women what they think of strapless bras, few show much in the way of enthusiasm. 

Often tricky to get the right fit, for many strapless bras are a no-go due to the limited support that they offer. In addition, they are prone to slipping down, bulging out at the sides and digging in at the back and underbust - overall, strapless bras just don’t work as well as they should do.

Choosing a corset instead of a bra means that you can go strapless, but still benefit from all of the support that you need. 

With a corset, there’s no endless readjusting during the day and no bulging material at the side, as long as you get your fit right, your corset should stay in place all day long, and provide you with support, despite the lack of straps.

2. Add a Little Boost

Many padded bras are thick and can look a little unnatural when it comes to the shape they achieve. 

In choosing to wear a corset instead of a bra, you can benefit from a more natural boost, without the need to introduce lots of padding or similar. 

Corsets offer support as well as a boost, for a flattering shape as well as a comfortable fit.

3. Define your Shape

One issue that many women find with bras is the fact that they dig in under the bust. 

This can cause a slight lumpy shape, as the bra curves over the bust and pulls in underneath, causing a bit of a band of fat underneath. 

This is a problem for women of all shapes and sizes, and while choosing a bra in a bigger size may help, a bra that is too big may ride up and won’t offer great support.

A corset has quite the opposite effect, instead smoothing your figure, pulling you in at the waist, and providing your bust with a little lift too. Corsets offer support from your bust right down to your hips, pulling you in and defining your shape, while still being comfortable.

4. Avoid Regular Adjustment

Hands up if you find yourself pulling up your bra, or pulling it down and readjusting your straps several times an hour? Bras can be a serious annoyance, and all the little adjustments we have to make just become part of our daily lifestyle and something we all accept as women.

In choosing to wear a corset as an alternative to a bra, you can make those hourly adjustments a thing of the past. As long as your corset is properly fitted, it will stay put all day, meaning it won’t slip down or bunch up, and you can forget about straps slipping down your shoulders all together.

5. Feel Confident

When was the last time you put on a bra and felt truly amazing? Generally speaking, bras just don’t have that impact. Wearing a corset on the other hand can be completely transformative. Any woman that has ever put on a corset will know what an amazing difference this hardworking garment can make.

Pulling you in in all the right places, whether you decide to wear corsets for special occasions, or regularly instead of a bra, the difference it makes to how you feel is amazing.

A corset is a great alternative to a bra, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for practical reasons too. Stylish, flattering and comfortable, corsets solve a number of the issues that many of us find with wearing bras on a daily basis.

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The importance of getting a correct waist measurement

Corsets are tight fitting, waist reducing garments. An ill-fitting corset can be very uncomfortable. To avoid disappointment, it is best to take a little time to get an accurate waist measurement before selecting your size. 

The majority of the tension in a corset will be running through the waist, this make the waist the most important measurement when sizing a corset. Traditional corsets are fully adjustable across the bust, waist & hips. Once you have the correct size corset for your waist it is easy to tension or loosen the bust & hip regions for the perfect fit.

You can find your waistline by tipping your torso to one side, when you do this a fold will appear. This is where your waist is, usually just above the belly button.  

Some of our corsets are sized in dress size, whereas some are sized in cm/inches. To save confusion we have developed a sizing app which can be found on our Sizing Page

Simply select your Natural Waist size from the dropdown and the app will display the correct size for you in each of our ranges.

We have created a video on "How to measure your waist" which you might find useful.

For further support in finding your perfect corset size and style, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to help: