The Corset Story guide on how to care for your corset

Essential tips on how to care for your corsets

Corsets require extra care and attention in order for them to stay in excellent condition.

We have come up with these essential tips which will help and enable you to get the most out of your Corsets so that you can enjoy wearing them for as long as possible.

How to put your Corset on

When wearing your Corset, it is very important that you always fully loosen the laces as this will make it easier to fasten, while reducing additional strain on the busk.

Here is our step-by-step guide to putting on your Corset.

1) Looking at the back of your Corset, untie the bow and fully loosen the laces

2) Lay the modesty panel flat behind the lacing and as you pull the laces tighter, you can adjust the modesty panel to keep it in place

3) Try to fasten the busk as one piece rather than working hook by hook as this can damage the busk

4) To tighten your Corset, pull down on the cross sections of the laces (you can use a mirror to make it easier to see), this will draw the back of the Corset closer together

5) Work from the top of Corset down to the middle section and, then from the bottom of the Corset up to the middle section. You should then have a lacing gap of 2-3 inches and you should also be left with a long length of lace. You are now ready to tie the remaining length of lace in a bow

fitting your corset

Practice makes perfect, so if you don't get it straight away, keep trying. For more info on our top tips please watch the video below:

Seasoning your Corset

We understand the excitement of receiving your first Corset. There is a desire to wear and tighten your corset immediately, however this can lead to damaging the fabric and the steel boning of the garment.

At Corset Story we use the winning combination of Flat Steel Boning and Spiral Steel boning. Flat Steel bones are strong and rigid, we use them on either side of the lacing Eyelets to support and ensure a smooth straight back. Whereas Spiral Steel Boning gives flexibility and movement and, these can be placed along the corset to contour the body so this supports the rest of the Corset.

When you start to wear a Corset, you need to allow enough time for your Corset and your body to get used to each other. We recommend seasoning your Corset for a few hours each day. Wearing your Corset loosely while at home, is a great way to start the seasoning process and you can begin to gradually tension your Corset. A steel boned Corset will always take some getting used to, so please be patient and ease yourself into it.

Your Corset will eventually adjust itself to your shape. Trust us, you will be amazed by the long term results!

We have a full blog on how to season your corset. Click the link below:

How to season your corset


Keep your Corset to yourself

When you start wearing your Corset you will receive plenty of compliments and you may hear “I love your Corset, please can I borrow it” The answer to this question should always be a “No”

Once you have seasoned your Corset it will adapt to your shape, meaning your Corset should only be worn by yourself. During the seasoning process, the steel bones will adjust to your shape meaning that your Corset will be a truly unique fit.

How to clean your Corset

Your Corset contains numerous steel components which will rust if you submerge it in water. We recommend Dry Cleaning for your Corsets, however, we understand Dry Cleaning regularly can be costly. We have put together our best tips to help you care for your Corsets and keep them cleaner for longer:

1) Our first and most important tip is to wear a Corset Liner with your Corset, this creates a protective barrier between your skin and the Corset. A Corset Liner will prevent any sweat, fake tan, or moisturisers on your skin from coming into contact with the fabric of the garment. Our Corset Liners are made with 75% Natural Bamboo and Spandex, which has a super soft touch as well as sweat-wicking and antibacterial properties. Even better it can be machine washed after use. A win-win for you and your Corset. You can purchase our Tube Liners via our online store

2) Dry kitchen sponges and lint rollers will be your new best friends!

You'll be surprised at how much dust and hair your Corset can collect! A quick lint roll can spruce up your Corset instantly!

3) Notice a dry stain on your Corset? Don't panic, use a new clean and dry kitchen sponge and gently rub over the mark, you'll be amazed at what you can remove.

For PVC Corsets, use a damp cloth to softly wipe any stains away, we do encourage you to be extremely gentle as PVC is actually a delicate fabric and we don't want you to damage it

4) Spilt liquid on your Corset? Lay it flat in a dry place or airing cupboard, we want it to dry quickly to avoid damage to the steel bones

5) Did you know that many Dry Cleaners offer a Spot Clean Service for smaller marks and stains, this is a great way to save some pennies if you whole Corset doesn't need cleaning!


Store your Corset Flat

Tempting as it might be to come home after a long day, take off your Corset and throw it to the side. We suggest showing your Corset some love.

It is best to stored your Corset flat, this is because your Corset needs some space to ensure that the bones lie straight and level. A drawer is an ideal home for your Corset, but try avoid cramming the garment in with too many other items of clothing... yes, that includes other Corsets!

We suggest storing each of your Corsets in a dust bag. You can always use a Cotton Pillowcase as a dust bag to protect your corset when you are not wearing it.

If you need any further advice or help on caring for your corset, then please contact our customer service team as they are always happy to answer any questions and point you in the right direction. Feel free to contact the team below. 

Blog Author - Kerry-Sue Peplow