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Corsets for Medical Reasons, Bad Backs and Posture

Corset belts are a garment that has a long history attached to them. A French innovation that began in the early 1500s, it is now a fashion statement across many cultures. But what many fail to notice is the importance of corsets in the medical field. There are many roles of corsets for medical reasons, bad backs, and posture.

Thousands of people worldwide wear prescribed corset tops to treat different health conditions, from scoliosis to spine support. It’s been a longstanding solution to many problems, and modern science proves how corsets are healthy for your body!

This article takes you down all the medical reasons why corsets are suitable for you.

Medical Reasons you might uses corsets

Helps stabilize scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition where an individual faces a sideway curvature of their spine. It affects 4% of the world’s population. The most common treatment of scoliosis involves wearing a custom medical corset. This corset is meant to provide corrective support to the curved spine and enable you to keep your posture normal.

A study from The New England Journal of Medicine revealed the most compelling proof regarding the importance of corset belts in curing scoliosis. Their study included more than 100 patients, and many doctors agree that corsets are the most recommended treatment for spinal conditions such as scoliosis. (Mcafee, 2016)

Alleviates back pain

Corsets, when worn correctly, can do wonders for your back pain. They provide lumbar support and regulate your posture. The muscular and skeletal support significantly reduces back pain and hence your bad back. 

Studies on corsets' effect on patients with chronic back pain recorded that people who were assigned corsets reported to have alleviated or no back pain whatsoever compared to other patients who did not wear corsets for lumbar support. (R. Million, 1981)

Provides relief from plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition where an uneven distribution of weight can result in a painful walking experience. Many patients have compared it as “feeling like walking on shards of glass on a hot floor.” 

Wearing a corset helps level your hips and balance your weight equally on both legs hence taking off extra pressure that causes plantar fasciitis.  Another way corset belts help cure plantar fasciitis is by triggering the right pressure points responsible for muscle relaxation. 

It creates a support system as it helps your body distribute its weight and generate a chain reaction of relaxed muscles. Apart from shoe support, doctors highly recommend the use of corset tops in treating plantar fasciitis.

Aids postnatal recovery

New mothers around the world face many difficulties when it comes to finding practical and correct support for their unique body shape. It is not easy to lose the belly or find correct lumbar support; however, corset tops help vastly.

It supports your fragile spine and provides strength to perform regular tasks made difficult by postnatal complications, but it also helps tuck in the stomach faster than otherwise. Similar to how a corset helps lose weight and restrict extra diet, it also allows mothers to keep their core muscles strong with exercise as it provides the right support. 

Corrects bad posture

Perhaps the most visible health benefit of the corset is correcting posture. Bad posture affects the general population significantly as the pandemic shifted everybody to the online realm. Your posture is indefinitely curved as you slouch in front of your screens or walk with tensed shoulders. 

A curved posture has many detrimental effects on your health, including tensed muscles, joint degeneration, back pain, spinal dysfunction, and a beer belly. It results in bad knees, swollen limbs as well as breathing problems, and frequent headaches.

But tightening a corset to provide you lumbar support and hold you upright during the day can help correct bad posture and even prevent it from occurring in the first place!

Reduces headaches

Recent studies have shown a peculiar link between corsets and reduced headaches. Headaches can be caused when your bad posture constricts the nerves present in your spine and prevents them from their receptive tasks. The tension in your shoulder and neck is the root cause of this. 

Once your corset is fixing your posture, it alleviates pressure from the nerves and allows them full communication with the brain. This automatically links to fewer headaches as conducted by various reports on the subject! (Poole, 2018)

Abdomen support for immobile patients

Wheelchair-bound individuals can gain great help from corsets, and we’ll explain how. As the job of a corset is to provide support and keep your posture upright, patients who are paralyzed or unable to keep themselves straight in their seats can wear corsets to help them.

Patients who are unable to move due to recent surgeries of the abdomen or waist are prescribed medical corsets to keep themselves from moving in ways that would harm post-surgery recovery. 


Improves quality of sleep

Patients who are diagnosed with sleep apnea and similar sleep conditions took part in a study that recorded the effects of corsets on the quality of sleep they received. It was recorded that people who wore corsets to bed experienced 68% lesser respiratory events where their O2 levels dropped dangerously.

Doctors have noted that patients can sleep soundly without waking up multiple times during the night as they wear comfortable corsets to bed.

Diaphragm support

Public speakers and singers have been using corsets for a long time due to their ability to support your diaphragm. Bad posture can keep your respiratory system from working at its optimal. It allows your lungs to be able to perform well, improving the quality of your breaths and the capacity of your lungs.

Another study has claimed that asthmatic people report fewer asthma attacks whilst wearing corsets and a better breathing quality due to their newfound diaphragm support. It is all linked to how corsets hold the ability to position you upright and reduce any tension in your skeletal and muscular body.

A high back good quality corset will be the perfect choice. 

It is important to season your corset before wearing it for the first time for a long period of time. 

You can read our full blog on "How to season your corset" here.


Corsets have been proven to have a long list of medical benefits. From fixing posture and bad backs to helping paralyzed patients as well as new mothers, corsets can be worn by almost any individual, regardless of any demographic. 

It is important to emphasize that whilst corsets hold great medical benefits; you must discuss your medical conditions with a certified practitioner. A doctor’s recommendation is highly important when it comes to medical solutions as every patient is different and must be treated in ways best for their bodies. 

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