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Met Gala 2022 - In America: Anthology of Fashion, theme Gilded Glamour

The Annual Met Gala is finally back in our lives after 2 years, with a fantastic theme of Gilded Glamour.

Inspiration for the theme is provided from The Metropolitan Museum of Art fashion exhibition In America: Anthology of Fashion. The Met Gala is always a much anticipated event, showcasing bold, beautiful, always fantastic and sometimes crazy designs. There is one core thread that pulls everything together at the Met Gala and that is a passion for fashion! 

The Met Gala allows all guests, celebrities and designers a licence to be fabulous and truly express themselves through the medium of fashion. At the Met Gala nothing is too much and everything is possible! 

The outfits worn at the Annual Met Gala can provide us with such inspiration and are often the starting  point for fashion trends, with celebrities leading the way. Many of the styles and colour palettes showcased at the Met Gala are the creative inception of the next season's fashion collections.  Although, I’m not sure anyone else other than the amazing Rhianna can wear jewelled Catholic vestments and topped with a mitre headdress...a truly Met Gala statement outfit!

The Gilded Glamour theme of this year’s Met Gala was filled with so many possibilities and at the very centre of many of the designs was a core element of Corsetry!  Many of the sumptuous gowns worn at this year's Met Gala had Corsets within the core construction of the dress, placing Corsets at the very centre of many designs. Here at Corset Story, we have been using corsets as an integral part of dress designs for many years and we understand the importance of a truly well designed corset. Integrating a corset into the core construction of a dress gives the wearer the full confidence and empowerment that only a corset can achieve.

Whatever the occasion we have you covered with our Best Selling Corset Dresses!

Evening Black Corset Dress

Embrace the night in this truly stunning Corset Dress. This gorgeous dress is beautifully cut with a Gothic flair. Mini bat wing sleeves with a floral pattern float off the shoulder, and the tight black skirt lined with soft voile frill offers nothing less than the prettiest expression of femininity. 

This Black Corset Dress opens at the side for ease, but still has traditional corset lacing at the back to help you achieve your ideal silhouette. Adjustable straps will also help ensure that you feel comfortable and secure. Don’t be fooled by the dark, charcoal colours of this dress: it’s a show stopping number that will light up any occasion.

Little black dress

Floral Pink Full Steel Boned Corset Dress

With breathtakingly exquisite detail and a dreamy floral print, this is a show-stopping dress that makes for dazzling occasion wear. This waist taming corset dress in pink and green watercolour print has flattering short sleeves and a handkerchief hem. 

With a keyhole panel to reveal a hint of cleavage, and pretty lace up detailing at the back, all eyes will be on you. The choker style neckline adds elegance whilst the steel boned corset gives you a waist reduction of up to four inches. With taupe satin and lace contrasting with the delicate print, a flutter of eyelash lace at the neck and the shoulders completes the perfect picture.

Not all outfits at the Met Gala were dresses, some designers and celebrities selected to have Corsets as an additional overgarment, using a Corset as a central statement piece for the design. With an Overbust or Underbust as the central focus of the outfit it created some of the key standout pieces from this year's Met Gala. 

If you are looking for inspiration and wanting to create your own spin on several Met Gala looks, we are here to help!

Bella Hadid looked amazing at the Met Gala in Burberry’s a Black PVC Overbust

Re-create this Met Gala look with our PVC Overbust Corset with Adjustable Hip Gore, this dramatic black Overbust Corset is the ultimate in racy glamour. Made of black PVC, and providing a waist reduction of up to four inches, it can be worn as under or outer wear, with equally dazzling results. The adjustable hip gores can be fastened to fit and help give you that coveted hourglass silhouette. The lace up bust ties add a peekaboo effect and can be adjusted as preferred.

 Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images​​

Gigi Hadid was not to be outdone by her sister at the Met Gala and paired red latex, oversized puffer jacket and a core statement Red Underbust!

To help you re-create this stunning Met Gala look we have this gorgeous Red and Black Brocade Underbust Corset, it is the perfect  outerwear piece, giving you a show stopping look. This design is both modest, edgy and is a versatile piece that can be worn for many different occasions. It is fitted with the strongest steel boning - a mixture of both spiral and flat, to give you the comfort that you require when seasoning.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock​​

Paloma Elsesser ticks the Met Gala Corset look in this elegant White Satin Overbust in a custom design made by Coach.

This Met Gala look is easily achieved with our  Instant Shape White Satin Overbust.

A bright matte white satin Overbust Corset perfect for this Met Gala look. This Corset design is a truly versatile piece and it can be worn underneath clothing or as an elegant and eye-catching top. To complete your Met Gala inspired look, pair with a white flowing skirt with lace overlay. 

Stephen Lovekin/BEI/REX/Shutterstock​​

Simone Ashley looks regal and edgy at the Met Gala, wearing a fantastic Cropped Corset Overbust by Moschino.

This Met Gala look is easy to achieve with our Cropped Pearl Pink Lace and Black Mesh Overbust Corset top. This is a contemporary design you can wear every season, our Cropped Pearl Pink Lace and Black Mesh Corset is an incredibly chic and versatile piece for your corset collection. This adorable overbust will add a touch of style to any outfit, and offers a smoothing 2” waist reduction for a standout silhouette. To complete the Met Gala inspired look, simple pair with a long black Satin skirt

John Shearer/Getty Images​​

Corsets featured in this blog

The Met Gala has shown everyone that Corsets and Corsetry never go out of style! Corsets give an instant shape, creating a stunning silhouette, with elegance and poise. The Met Gala and fashion go hand in hand and it is no surprise to us, here at Corset Story that Corsets featured throughout so many amazing outfits.

These are only a few of our amazing Corsets you can use to create your Met Gala inspired outfit.

We hope you have been inspired and remember to… Wear it, Work it, Own it! 

If you still need advice and help finding the perfect Met Gala inspired outfit, then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service advisors.  

Blog Author - Kerry-Sue Peplow